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When it comes to attract new listeners, knowing where to start can be difficult. Podcasts previews are a way of sharing your episodes with new fans with the help of captioned audiograms

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Generating a trailer is a matter of minutes

- select episode
you decide which part of the episode you want to highlight
- tailor the experience
you can set your design, caption and wavegram style
- share it
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Why you need a
podcast preview?

1. Highlight the best parts of your show.

Think of it like a movie preview, it's supposed to offer an opportunity for your potential viewers to see what you and your podcast are all about so they can decide if they'd like to tune in.

2. Jumpstart your social media branding.

A trailer is the perfect way to get potential listeners excited and get the word out about your podcast while you are just getting started with your passion or career.

3. It will give you a professional edge.

There are going to be podcasters that won't use any tool to promote their content. If you've got a trailer to see and entertain your audience, they're more likely to subscribe and become a fan of your show.

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